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Mumps or `bayook` Results Sterility

Men should be more concern on their sexual health, one day you will found out that you can’t become a father. Although, this case is not applicable to all men.

There are some factors to consider for a person to acquire sterility. Having mumps has a greater possibility of being sterile,also poor nutrition and too frequent sexual intercourse.
Sterility is the inability of a man to produce pregnancy in a normal woman. Abnormal or diseased testes may produce imperfect spermatozoa or none at all.
Mumps can damage the testes so as to render a man sterile. There may be an obstruction of the ducts defer ens, which normally carries the sperm cells from the testes to the urethra.It is a contagious disease, in which the virus causes the salivary gland to increase its size and this usually occurs during childhood. Recovery takes place in a few days, but complications frequently develop, most commonly in persons older than twelve years.
The symptoms – chilliness, headache, lack of appetite and moderate fever – begin two to four weeks after contact, and usually appear a few hours before the salivary glands become painful. Usually the parodied gland, situated just in front of the ear, is primarily affected. Any of the salivary glands may be involved. Pain in the involved glands induced by external pressure on the gland, by swallowing or by taking sour substances into the mouth. The swelling usually lasts from three to six days.
The most common serious complication is an involvement of the sex glands, either testes or ovaries. In about one fourth of the cases among older boys and men, at least one of the testes is affected. The affected testis is swollen and painful. In some cases the organ later atrophies, being rendered sexually sterile. Unless both testes are thus involved, a man is still capable of fatherhood. Even when one or both testes atrophy, the male sex hormones are produced in the normal fashion. Comparable involvement of the ovaries in women is less common.
About 10 percent of all cases of mumps develop some degree of encephalitis with severe headache, drowsiness, vomiting and abdominal pain. Usually this complication clears up spontaneously.
Poor nutrition may be the cause of sterility- take a balanced, vitamin-rich diet, paying particular attention to vitamin E, also too frequent sexual intercourse or frequent masturbation which does not give the testes time to mature normal spermatozoa. It is better to have an examination of the genital organs and analysis of the sperm to know if your sterile or not. Follow the physician’s instructions.

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